Apps and more to help you sleep

Sleep With Me

This podcast tells boring bedtime stories to get you off to sleep. It is downloaded roughly 1.3 million times a month so it must be doing something right.

The Daily Meditation

These soothing meditations are helpful for those of us who find it hard to silence the busy mind. The episodes feature different techniques to help you combat everyday stresses and apply weekly mindfulness themes.

On Being

This podcast explores the philosophical questions and the quest for the meaning of life. The sheer immensity of some of the topics discussed will be enough to make you feel tired.

Deep Energy 2.0

These hour-long podcasts of ambient relaxing music will be sure to lull you into a slumber.

Rain Rain

Simple but effective – this app features a list of soothing sounds such as rain on a tent, crackling fire and blizzard wind. You can decide how long the sounds play for and set a bedtime reminder to help get into a good sleep hygiene routine.

Sleep Time

This useful app covers all your sleep needs from gradual wake-up to soundscapes and will provide you with a detailed analysis of your sleep the night before. Just lay it face down on the bed beside you.