Top tips for a good night’s sleep

Good sleep hygiene is crucial to getting a good night’s sleep.


• Avoid bright light in the evening i.e. smartphones, tablets and TV.
• Avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and spicy food in the evening.
• Wind down – meditate for a few minutes to get into sleep mode.
• Stick to a sleep schedule to regulate the body clock.
• Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual like reading or having a bath.
• If you have trouble sleeping, avoid napping during the day.
• Exercise daily – vigorous is best and not right before bed.
• Evaluate your room to remove noises and lights or use earplugs and an eye mask.
• Invest in a good mattress and pillows.
• If you can’t sleep, go into another room and do something relaxing until you feel sleepy.
• Download a sleep app and keep a sleep diary to evaluate patterns or issues with your sleeping habits.