Our Vision

Vicki and David Legge

Publisher’s Message

There is nothing more important than good health. It impacts everyday living, and determines the quality of our lives.

That’s why preventative healthcare is essential. It involves many components, from proper nutrition and exercise to regular health screenings and managing stress.

Preventative measures are key to ensuring optimum health through the various stages of life.

With these matters in mind, Pinnacle Media Ltd. has created Cayman Health, an annual community resource that contains vital information on health and wellness.

Welcome to our second issue. We’ve updated our detailed directory of practitioners and health support services in Cayman and abroad; gathered informative articles on health matters pertinent to Cayman; enhanced our comprehensive first-aid emergency guide; and collected at-a-glance profiles of healthcare professionals and their specialties.

This year, we’ve introduced a free mobile-friendly app and social media platforms that allow users to connect and interact with Cayman’s health community through Facebook and Instagram.

We hope Cayman Health will serve as a convenient and informative guide to make your lifelong health journey a positive one.
After all, a healthy body – and mind – helps us lead successful and productive lives.

With a focus on prevention, we encourage individuals to be active participants in their own healthcare.

– David and Vicki Legge | Publishers

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide informative and comprehensive health and wellness resources that will help improve and save lives in the Cayman Islands.

Our Mission is to produce indispensable health and wellness resources, which promote personal healthcare and healthy lifestyles in the Cayman Islands.

Our Goals

  1. Promote and improve health and wellness in the Cayman Islands.
  2. Ensure integrity and authenticity of resources by liaising with health and wellness authorities.
  3. Deliver high quality products that are a valued and authoritative resource for health and wellness.