The Advisory Panel

The publisher of Cayman Health has partnered with healthcare professionals to create the Cayman Health Advisory Panel. Acting in an honorary capacity, industry experts are available to give guidance to the publishing team.

Role of the Advisory Panel

Panel members play a pivotal role in providing authoritative information, advising on current and trending health and wellness matters, and linking publishing content with public interest. When requested, their commitment to contribute, review and vet material from a medical perspective enhances the credibility of Cayman Health.

Members of the Advisory Panel

Members of the Cayman Health Advisory Panel are all health and wellness professionals.  Each member stands for a one-year term, however, there are five re-occurring standing members:

  1. Cayman Islands Health Practice Commission – Chair
  2. Cayman Islands Hospital/Health Services Authority – CEO
  3. Cayman Islands Medical and Dental Society – President
  4. Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital – Chief Administrator
  5. Health City Cayman Islands – CEO or Director

The remainder of the Cayman Health Advisory Panel will be a selection of respected health and wellness industry professionals.

Anyone in the local or overseas medical industry who is interested in joining the panel is welcome to submit their name to the Cayman Health team here.

Recognition of the Advisory Panel

Each panel member is acknowledged for his or her valuable contribution with a short biography and photograph published in Cayman Health Directory and on and receive a framed Cayman Health certificate of appreciation for display.

2017-18 Cayman Health Advisory Panel

Dr. Darley Solomon

President, Cayman Islands Medical
and Dental Society


Dr. Frank Glatz

Cayman E.N.T Associates


Dr. Patrick Auman

CTMH Doctors Hospital


Dr. Pervez Ali

Cayman Orthopaedic Group


Dr. Rick Lee

Original Healing Medical
& Health Clinic


Dr. Ruthlyn Pomares

Chairperson, C.I. Health
Practice Commission



Dr. Sean Childers

Dr. Wolfe’s Dental Centre


Dr. Wayne Porter

Dr. Porter’s Dermatology Clinic


Gene Thompson

Health City Cayman Islands



Lizzette Yearwood

CEO, C.I. Health Services Authority


Ms. Barrie Quappe

Cayman Healthcare Consulting


Laura Ribbins - Fitness Connection
Laura Ribbins – Fitness Connection

Ms. Laura Ribbins

Fitness Connection


Lindsay Bridgeman, owner of Cayman Physiotherapy Ltd.
Lindsay Bridgeman, owner of Cayman Physiotherapy Ltd.

Ms. Lindsay Bridgeman

Cayman Physiotherapy


Ms. Shannon Seymour

The Wellness Centre