The Advisory Panel

The publisher of Cayman Health has partnered with healthcare professionals to create the Cayman Health Advisory Panel. Acting in an honourary capacity, industry experts are available to give guidance to the publishing team.

Role of the Advisory Panel

Panel members play a pivotal role in providing authoritative information, advising on current and trending health and wellness matters, and linking publishing content with public interest. When requested, their commitment to contribute, review and vet material from a medical perspective enhances the credibility of Cayman Health.

Members of the Advisory Panel

Members of the Cayman Health Advisory Panel are all respected health and wellness professionals.  Each member stands for a one-year term.

Anyone in the local or overseas medical industry who is interested in joining the panel is welcome to submit their name to the Cayman Health team here.


2020-21 Cayman Health Advisory Panel

Dr. John Lee

Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health

Dr. Binoy Chattuparambil

Clinical Director and Chief Cardiac Surgeon,
Health City Cayman Islands


Dr. Edward Hansen

Administrator, CTMH Doctors Hospital


Dr. Louis Cona

Chairperson, Medical and Dental Council


Dr. Clement Von Kirchenheim

Chairperson, Professionals Allied with Medicine


Christopher R. Dyckman

Vice-President, Employee Benefits, Aon