Sheltering from a storm: Public shelters

If your home is hurricane-proof and is in a safe location, it is probably the best place to ride out a storm. The next best place is with family or friends whose house is well-constructed and in a safe location.

However, if you have no alternative, you can go to a public hurricane shelter. Several buildings in each district in Cayman are equipped to serve as shelters in the event of a storm.

Familiarise yourself with the nearest shelters to your home and the best routes to get there. In the event of an evacuation, you’ll need to get to the shelter as quickly as possible.

Be aware that some shelters double as emergency medical centres, so if you have a potential or existing medical issue, choose a shelter that will have medical staff based there.

There are two pet-friendly shelters, one at John Gray High School and the other at Clifton Hunter High School. Pets, like people, are allocated space on a first-come, first-served basis. They are not allowed to roam free.

Make sure to pack anything you absolutely need, such as medications, important documents and money for post-hurricane expenses.

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