As Cayman continues efforts to contain COVID-19 and protect the population from the virus, the most significant action that residents can take is to become fully vaccinated.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee has set out the following benefits of being vaccinated:

• The islands’ most vulnerable people will be protected from the infection as the virus cannot get a good hold

• Individuals won’t pass the virus to those most vulnerable

• If you get infected, the vaccine offers high protection against moderate to severe disease, hospitalisation and death

• The chances of getting ‘long COVID’, with symptoms persisting for months or years, will be hugely reduced even after a mild infection

• Studies from Israel have shown that protection from high vaccination rates will even benefit children

• Travel abroad will be safer

• Allowing travellers into the Cayman Islands will be safer

• Large-scale outdoor gatherings will become a much safer prospect

• As the world improves, the duration of quarantine will reduce further and hopefully will no longer be required.

Government representatives hold up signs at a COVID-19 vaccination drive.

“Vaccination is very safe,” says Dr. Lee. “Although many people have side effects for a day or two, and often only after the second dose (depending on which vaccine is given), the risks of getting seriously ill or dying from COVID-19 by far outweigh the minor side effects that some people suffer.”

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To find out more about the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine, visit: of-covid-19-vaccine.