In season

Winter may not be the time we associate with abundance, but in Cayman’s climate we are blessed with many delicious fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the ‘cooler’ season, despite the shorter days.

Walk around the farmer’s market and you’ll see a plethora of greens laid out, with various types of kale (Siberian, curly, lacinato) alongside Egyptian spinach, Chinese watercress, callaloo, bok choy, mustard greens and arugula.

It is prime time for Cayman’s tomatoes, some of the juiciest and sweetest little morsels you’ll ever taste. Then there are bunches of earthy root vegetables like beets, carrots, radishes and kohlrabi, glossy purple eggplants and peppery scallions – the list goes on.
Make the most of Caymanian farmers’ seasonal produce with these veg-filled recipes…

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