GrimeX Ltd.

    Berthaze Court
    Unit 5
    95 Godfrey Nixon Way
    George Town

    Phone: 345-946-0260
    Email: [email protected]

    GrimeX Ltd. provides expert mold inspection, prevention and remediation services in both homes and businesses.

    Mold begins to grow when exposed to a wet surface, has oxygen and a food source. Whether caused by water leaks, hurricanes, or simply by Cayman’s warm, humid climate, mold can seriously compromise your good health.

    GrimeX can also get rid of unwanted odors like smoke, pet and food smells – such as before a property sale, when staging is so important. They can also test and then improve your indoor air quality to help you breathe the best air possible.

    Certified as a mold inspector and mold remediation contractor, GrimeX co-founder and managing director Emerson Piercy is the former Chief Building Control Officer for the Cayman Islands Planning Department, and a past member of the HPC.